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Jim Pumple

Jim Pumple

Coldwell Banker Southwest Realty Brokerage

Jim Pumple is a Broker with 44 years of industry experience in the Sarnia area. He specializes in commercial, industrial sales and leasing. He has a diverse background in real estate development, investment financing, and construction. During this time Jim has worked on a wide range of commercial transaction, which has given him an extensive knowledge of the local market. He takes pride in the long-term relationships he has formed over the 44 years. His business is centered around a client first service-oriented attitude. Jim is a proven negotiator and problem solver.   

His mission is simple: To provide his clients - owners, investors and developers - to make the best real estate decisions possible providing strategic - consulting and transaction services that:  

 *Enhance value 

 *Reduce cost  

 *Manage risk 

With a diverse background in real estate development, Jim brings a unique perspective to the brokerage business and the ability to customize solutions for each clients specific needs. 

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Last Updated: June 9, 2023
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